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February 15, 2012


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Melinda Orr

Me Me Me...haha...just read above...I would be humbled to work some magic around your components....copper and clay...a match made in heaven! :-)

Traci Zeller

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Suburban Girl Studio Components and me,
Go Team Go!

Well, what can I say, some poems rhyme and some don't... hee hee...

I reside in Canada. :)

staci smith

pick me pick me. LOL! No, seriously, pick me or I will feel like that gawky girl in middle school again, who never got picked to be part of the dodge ball team. And I may cry, and revert back to awkward teen insecurites, and think that no one really likes me. I need this to feel good about myself. PLease like me Diana, please be my friend so I can feel cool. (and pick me pick me) LOL!

The Crazier Sister

I'd love a chance to try. I've only used ceramic beads twice (they scare me a little) and would love a chance to get used to a medium like this for jewelry making.

Marie-Noel Voyer-Cramp

I think it would be a blast to be one of your design team members!! so "pick me! pick me!" lol or should I say "choisi moi!"

You already know I am in Canada ;)
and how to contact me :)

The Crazier Sister

Okay, posted about it on my blog! :)

Marie-Noel Voyer-Cramp

I just posted on my blog! Figured my chances to be picked were way better than the lottery, so why not take a chance! lol

Patti Van

While I can't compete with Melinda's artistry, I would be honored to join your team as well!


I don't know if I have the right words but to quote a wise old sage...."Get my hands on them I would like."...Yoda....

Linda Hanes

Pick me baby! :). just in case you lost it. ;) and you can find me on the fb with Betty White. Whe i post to my blog i will let you know. Xoxo


I am Canadian :D ( sorry... I can't use a contraction in that statement...every time I say it I have the beer commercial in my head lol ;) ) I would love a chance to join your team :) I think set challenges would help keep me on my toes, and a time constraint should encourage me to be constantly adding to my design journal so I'd be ready for a time crunch :) My 'style' is still a bit all over the place as I experiment with different things, so you'll never know what I'll come up with ;)


If you would like a seed beader in the bunch I am totally your girl!!!!!!! Oh I could rock your gorgeous beads!!!!!

Sheryl Stephens

How fun! Creating seasonal bead designs is one of my favorite things - I am a seed beader, and love to put lots of detail in my pieces. Hope you PICK ME, PICK ME! LOL
Sheryl Stephens
Cool Moon Creations

Donna Bradley

I would LOVE to join your team!! It would be an honor! And, I'm in the US

Linda Landig

I love your work so much, Diana! It would be an honor to be on your design team! --OK, this is not clever, but I get points for sincerity! ;-)

Janice Everett

I would love to be a part of this - I try to join in fun challenges like this throughout the year and love being inspired by focals and beads <3 - I'm a former Jersey gal living in Maryland right here in the good ole' USA too. Would be honored to be a part of the team.


yay i got a connection!!! Enny meany miny mo...catch a Canadian by the toe...she might holler...she might kick...but there is no dang way you can keep her from her if you pick me you can be dang sure...i will do the best i can to make your pretty thangs look suburb!!!!!


Orange you glad I didn't say banana?
( You do remember that knock knock joke, don't you?)
Orange. Hmm. Orange IS a challenge. Thinking cap on!

tania spivey

Wow! What an opportunity! I'd love the opportunity, but I can't think of a darn thing witty to write here! But, I love challenges, and some of my best work comes when I'm under pressure.

Kari Asbury

Ok so I have a blog...although not necessarily active...but for you darling I could get active! I would love to participate and you already know how much I love working with goodies from you! I love a challenge, long walks on the beach and I reside in Oregon...the lovely Pacific NW. BTW...pick me...LOL! I gotta figure out linking back...why you gotta make me learn something new.

Kari Asbury

Ok...I posted to my blog with a link back to you! Now I just gotta figure out what to blog and get me some followers quick! :)

Roxanne Mendoza

Hi there! Love your beads/style and would love to work with them. I would love the challenge! I live in the US.

Shannon C

Hey mama, I would love a chance to design something with your beads.
Random hates me lately so hopefully my luck will turn around :-)
Hope you had a great St Valentine's Day!!
NY ;-)

Sandra Marie Miller

What a wonderful opportunity! Please enter my name!


Theresa Phelps

Your raku beads and ornaments are just beautiful!!!

Holly W

Ok, so, while there's no way I can competewith some of these awesome comments, I'd still love to be considered for this! So, here's my "me, me, me!"added to you queue! :)

Rose Binoya

Your beads are sooo beautiful! Those flowers are perfect for spring and are brightening my gloomy Wednesday.

Good luck, everyone!

Rose Binoya




Sunflowers are yellow
Some roses are pink
Pick me, pick me
I'll send you my link! :-)

Love your sweet flowers for your first challenge!


Pick me x 3 million? I would definitely LOVE to be on your design team, I think my skills are up for it, and my blog and FB page are growing. And how cool you picked orange, aka Tangerine Tango, aka the color of the year, to kick things off!

Kashmira Patel

Ooooh...I would give an arm (maybe not, I would need that to make my design!) to be on this team! I am one of the newer kids on the beading block, and would love to be part of a team with some of the most talented kids here :)

Hoping to get picked! Off to pray to the randomizer Gods!

Kashmira, from California, USA

Genea Crivello-Knable

Ok here we go. I would like to be added because I make some super SWEET beads and jewelry. Your work is super sweet and our stuff together will be magical!

I'm in the US. My blog is

Genea Crivello-Knable

Blogged it!

Kashmira Patel

Blogged at:

Courtney Breul

Oh please, oh please, oh please...oh yeah, not supposed to say that. :) I would love the opportunity to play with your wonderful beads. Part of my "stepping outside of my box" this year.

thanks for the chance.

I am in the USA, Maryland to be exact.

Linda Hanes I posted to my blog honey! Ty for the chance to be picked! XOXO

Sally Russick

a witty comment....hmmm....let me see.

I would love the opportunity
to hold in my gaze
the lovely porcelain flower
dressed in its orange glaze!

I would be thrilled to be a part of your design team.
My blog is

Susan Kennedy

PLEASE sign me up!!!!!

Susan Kennedy

Are the capital letters more interesting? If not, here's one - PLEASE SIGN ME UP!!!! Not yelling at you, just trying to show my excitement!

Lori Anderson

I would LOVE to~!

Jennifer L Justman

It would be an honour and a pleasure to be a part of your team, Milady Diana... oh goddess of the moon, mistress of the hunt, friend of my heart, sister of the bead... Truly, I would love to be a part of your team, I think your work is incredible and it would be amazing :). Thank you!

Bryna Lumb

I'd love to be a part of this! And, well since my birthday falls on the last day of entry, it would be a great birthday present! I also make lampwork beads and would be willing to make enough for one of the challenges. :0)

Bryna Lumb

Hey! I just realized one of the focal pieces from my bead soup in September was one of yours!


I think the collaboration we could have would be interesting. My style is quite different, but I would love the challenge of incorporating your designs!

Shelly Joyce

i would love to be on your design team!! it's my ultimate goal to participate on a design team. i started blogging a few months ago, but have been making jewelry for about 2 years... i recycle as many old pieces of jewelry that i can. you can check out my work on my facebook page ... Lila's Trunk... or on my personal page... Shelly Shaner Joyce... my blog address is:

thanks for looking! please follow me!


Keri Lee Sereika

Your work is beautiful and I would be honored to work with it. My blog can be found at
I have dabbled in all sorts of craft mediums and my current obsession seems to be more advanced techniques in jewelry making!
I am a stay at home professional crafter, currently residing in SC.
I am a free lance designer in the arts & crafts industry and have written for a number of magazines over the last five years. I currently am regularly published in Crafts n Things magazine so even if I am not picked for your team, if you'd like to send a bead or two I will gladly trade you something of my own handmade stash and if I get your product published I will do my best to get your Etsy listed in the magazine so others will also know where to find you.

I look forward to hearing from you either way! :)

Cheryl Dunham

I would love to design something with your beads, they are beautiful. Been designing for about 10 yrs. Sell at Stone Soup Artisan's in Saco Maine, and at Jurried Craft Shows put on by the Society of Southern Maine Craftsmen.

Cheryl Dunham

I just posted about your blog in my blog, It's a Bling thing in google.



(just trying to stick out!)

I would love to be on your design team


I am back!
Just blogged about this great opportunity!


Those are adorable flowers. I love nature, flowers, gardening, etc. And would love a chance to be one of your design team members. I've never done anything like that, but I have entered several challenges with my beads and the BSBP party by Lori Anderson. Thanks for the opportunity.

D Lynne Bowland

SOunds like fun... I'm Canadian... I live on a small island on the edge of the Bay of Fundy... ( NOrth Atlantic) I could use a few flowers in March .. even though we haven't really had a real winter this year... I have a blog which currently has a give away... would love some morecomments! Oh and did I say... Pick Me?

Thanks! Lynne aka ISlandgirl


i would love to join your team. your work is just gorgeous. i'm a fellow ceramicist but haven't made beads yet. i've just started making polymer clay beads but there's just something about clay clay, isn't there? i'm in the us, in alaska, but no customs up here. just takes a little longer coming from the lower 48.


I was just telling myself that it's not necessary for me to do ALL THE THINGS, but this sounds like a lot of fun. I do live in the US, way down in L.A. (That's Lower Alabama by the way. Yes, it's a really BAD joke from way back.) I've been making jewelry for over ten years now and am still looking for my own 'style.' I really enjoy making one of a kind pieces and using unusual materials (I'm quite fond of buttons). I do make a lot of mixed media and generally play around with materials.

Anyway, My blog is and my e-mail is CraftyHope at gmail dot com.
Thanks so much for the opportunity!


This sounds so wonderful. I would love the chance to be a member of your design team!

Penny Neville

Hi there, I seen the post on Skye Jewels as well as Facebook, I would love to play along. Flowers are always my favorites. I am from Canada too!! You make lovely beads!
I will cross my fingers that I am one of the lucky ones!!

Lois Moon

Although primarily a beadweaver, I work in PMC, polymerclay, wire, resin, beads, you name it and I'm fascinated by trying it out. I've got a strong blog following from participating in Lori Anderson's Bead Soup party three times (so sad I didn't get selected this time, but looking forward to the next). These orange Bloom & Grow pendants are mouth watering...fingerss crossed...


Now you have your work cut out. You have to choose from 56 interested people and then I add one more. I FB you, Tweet you and write a blogpost too. Well, well, you guys are doing a great job. No matter whether I am chosen or not, you deserve the pat on the back and all the shouts that are needed.


Amy S

Scrumptious! There's nothing I love more than a challenge, and gorgeous pieces of art like these truly inspire me! Here's what I did the last time someone sent me a bead-able piece of art: In all seriousness though, I would love to be part of this fantastic opportunity!

Kym Hunter

Goodness! Quite a few people have commented already, but I'd love the opportunity to be on your design team. I love ceramic pieces and I enjoy working with beads and pendants created by others.

My blog is
And my email is

Have a great weekend!



Shared this in my blog today :)


After a difficult day at work, my brain does not have the energy to think up something witty. Even worse, I'm eating a frozen pot pie for supper, and fed my daughter something fried from Sonic. That's how pathetic it is. But seriously, I love this idea, and really would like to win the chance to be a design team member. I'm in the U.S.

Amanda Tibbetts

Opportunity is knocking at my door here! I love this idea and my blog is picking up readers every day so PICK ME!! I have a blog weekly schedule...seriously!!

I live in the US and my blog is


Love your beads and how wonderful of you to randomly pick one of us... hint, hint me, wonderful jewelry designers to work with those lovely flower pendants. Great ideas already floating around in my head. I'm in USA and blog and FB are active.


Here is my blog post.

Pam aka re-maker

I've decided to be a better blogger and to take a challenge or two (or more!) this year. Please drop my name in the hat!


There once was a blogger named Amy.

Who said, "I love beads, who can blame me?"

She wished to be picked,

Was a bead addict,

And promised designs that weren't lame-y

Marci Brooks

I would love to have an opportunity to be a part of your team! I am finishing up my first year in business ( and am so excited about expanding my horizons this year! My blog - somewhat sporadic lately, but will be gaining steam! - is Thanks so much!

Sandi Volpe

I have not participated on a design team and would love the challenge to work with your beautiful beads. I hope I have the lucky numbe:-)


Holy Cow Smokes Batman, be on your design team would be awesome! ;-) The blog is and my email is listed towards top of my blog.
P.S. I like Amy's poem above - it's too cute!!

Cheryl Dunham

my blog is HTTP://
Forgot to put it in my first post. Thanks Cheryl

andrea bee frank

i don't think i know how to link on my blog...oh doody!

Sandra Young

I'm in Canada and work well under pressure! I would love the opportunity to showcase your artistry in my work and look forward to being chosen for your design team!

Pine Ridge Treasures

Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall...All you have to do is call, and I'll be there (yes I will) - you've got a design team member!

I've done two bead soup blog parties and some Andrew Thornton challenges - hopefully that makes me qualified. I'd love a shot at it!
Lisa Lodge

Pine Ridge Treasures

Blogged about it! I need to add that I live in the USA.


I just blogged about your design team. Couldn't get your link back link to work, but the title links to this post for people.

Amanda Tibbetts

I just blogged about the position and here's the link! I even put a picture of the porcelain beads on my blog!


Top Five Reasons Why I Should Be on Your Design Team: 5) Orange is my new favorite color and those pendants are awesome; 4) I am most creative when challenged to work with the creative components of others; 3) Your flower pendant looks like a daisy and daisies were my mom’s favorite flower; 2) Working with your handmade beads would further my goal of working with art beads; and The Number One Reason Why I Should Be on Your Design Team: 1) I AM SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Thanks! ~ Lola (U.S.)


Would like to be picked. Haven't worked with porcelain or raku beads very often and am trying to expand my horizons. I love a challenge.

I am in the Pacific NorthWest.



Have posted a link on my blog:

Thanks for the opportunity to join your team.



Nothing like being a day late and a dollar short...would have loved to have seen this earlier. Oh well....

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