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July 01, 2012


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Ooh! I really like it! The touch of red makes me think coral. And I like the texture/movement detail of the crystal dangles. Your pieces are so easy to work with, I am a bit jealous that you had more than one of each. Guess if I hadn't waited til the last minute I could have shopped your Etsy...

Thanks again for another great SG design team offering!

I think mismatched earrings are awesome. I want to go make some now.


Love the seashell link and particularly like the asymmmetrical earrings. Great design.


Way cool!! I really do love the mismatched earrings - I can see why you're becoming addicted to creating them - they're fabulous and you've inspired me! And your bracelet is so fun - I want to wear this w/my necklace to the beach - K?!! ;-)


Love 'em!!

Genea Crivello-Knable

Ooo beautiful! Yes it sure is beachy season! Your shells are so life like! Love the starfish too and your asymmetrical designs!
xo Genea

Jan Onipenco

Super duper (another really technical term) they came out great . . . thanks for making my earrings for me LOVE them.

That pop of red is great really brings it all together.

Looking forward to the next one . . . .

Lori Bowring Michaud

Great bracelet Diana! I love that little pop of red!


Love your work especially they earrings! And I will bring they bracelet to Bead Fest.


I love the mismatched earrings!!! I used to always wear them like that! See I told you I am in good company!!! Your bracelet is gorgeous!

Linda Landig

Wonderful bracelet and earrings! I love the beach too!

Lori Anderson


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