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September 08, 2012


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Marie-Noel Voyer-Cramp

I so want to participate, I just don't think I can promise anything still being sick. I hope everyone has a really great time though :)

Sandra / Skye

Alright. Since I seem to have a major issue to making myself USE my special little artbeads, and I am making head way on clearing my to do list... I'll sign up for this. I'm sure in a two week period I can create one pair of earrings, then once I receive my gift pair, write a post about them. That DOES seem doable :)
Plus maybe putting one of my 'babies' to use and sending it away will inspire me to use a few more.. maybe... ;) lol


I would love to participate in this if the turnaround wasn't so short but I have several vending events between now and mid-October. No time for swaps until after that. Great idea though! I hope you do it again.


I live in spain... so bad.. :) I would love to participate! hehehe. seems to be a great event! enjoy it!!! ;)

Dee Elgie

I can't recall if I signed up or not, but I'd like to! :)


I'm in! email on the way.

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