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December 04, 2012


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Kathleen Lange Klik

Very pretty ornament Diana! Snowflakes are my favorite aspect of winter! Sorry to hear about your raccoon incident but hope you will be creating more of your beautiful snowflakes (hint, hint).

Monique U

Goodness, that is going to be so sweet on your pink tree, Diana... and perhaps your ornament was meant to be a "one of"... at least in the opinion of a certain raccoon LOL.


Is raccoon a new step in the raku process? Sad the others didn't make it, but this one is lovely. I second the making of more!

D Lynne Bowland

THe texture in the glass adds interest! Is that real snow I see in the background.... ?

Lori Bowring Michaud

It's a very sweet and romantic ornament Diana - love it!

Vicki O'Dell

Gotta love a little help from a friendly raccoon. I love the ornament. :)

Marie-Noel Voyer-Cramp

Can't tell anything is wrong with it... I think it looks great :)

Shelley Graham Turner ( aka TORI SOPHIA Designs)

OOH Diana this turned out so pretty.I love teal so I am a bit prejudice though. SORRY about the kiln incident.

Erin Prais-Hintz

Snowflakes are my favorite! I am not sure what the incident was, but I am so intrigued because I know there is a story there as only you can tell it! I think that this is really sweet and I would love to see your pink tree! Enjoy the day. Erin


I like it. I hope no animals (or people) were hurt in this stunt. LOL. You'll think of that every year when you unpack this to put on your tree.

Melissa Trudinger

Obviously this decoration was meant to be a one-off, and the racoon was sent to ensure it. Very sweet little ornament!


This is gorgeous - love it!

Becky Pancake

What a beautiful ornament.


Sorry about the kiln issue, but really this turned out to be a lovely ornament. The pastel colors bring back memories of the vintage ornaments when I was young (Oh how I dislike being considered vintage-but some days my body actually feels vintge).

Susan Kennedy

Love it! Thanks for showing off my bead. Sorry about the ahem "incident"!


Love the snowflake!



Kimberly Idalski

Cute little snowflake. I love them. snowflakes make you feel like a little kid again. Sorry about your kiln. Thankfully Im sticking to regular polymer and only had one burn incident to far. Happy Holidays and hopping. Make sure to stop by mine, Im in the hop but not on the list yet :( Kim at

Kathy Lindemer

Very sweet snowflake ornament.

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