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March 31, 2014


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I like it both ways, just make it so you can change them out with whatever you are wearing.

sandi m

This is so lovely. The sunstone definitely plays off the color of the moth making your eye circle the necklace. With the prehnite my eye stops where those stones begin. So my vote is sunstone!


I'll vote for the sunstone. To my eye, compliments and doesn't compete with the luna moth focal. It will be a show stopper either way!

Melissa Meman

I love both those stones, so it would be a hard decision...I'm leaning toward the prehnite. Lovely design!


The sunstone gets my vote!


I love both options - but I think the prehnite is a winner.


I love the look of the's perfect with the moth :-)
I love the part you've finished - it's beautiful!

Linda Landig

This is going to be gorgeous either way, but if it were mine, I'd go with the sunstone and then I'd find 2 of the smallest prehenite stones and place one on either side of the clasp as a little accent to tie in with the front.


I absolutely adore the color palette you've gone with Diana! It reflects the true colors of a luna moth so beautifully and has a lovely earthy spring-y feel to it! I'm going to say finish it in the prehnite beads as they really make the copper in the moth pop.

Becky Pancake

I like what you did Diana. I think that the prehenite makes the moth stand out more.

Sarajo Wentling

I vote prehnite... but I'm more of a green girl!


Oh. Love it. Chain? silk? If you are definitely going gems than I prefer the jade. I like the contrast with the sunstone/moth color.

Susan Kennedy

I like both, but I think phrenite wins, for me. It's going to be great!

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