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May 24, 2014


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Sandi Volpe

Diana, thanks for hosting, I really love the earrings and the bracelet and necklace are fun. I had trouble deciding how to finish my pieces too. Have a great day!

Linda Younkman

Diana, thanks for hosting the blog hop it was a fun hop. Your pieces are great. I really like the earrings and my have to visit your shop for some coin discs as well - I love them. The necklace will be a fun summertime piece for sure. Love them all.

Ann S

I love your pieces. The bracelet is so cute. I love the muted colors in the earrings and the mismatched matching stones. The start of your summer necklace is wonderful. I love all color schemes, but I have to admit the bright colors make me smile the most. Thanks for hosting this blog hop, Diana. I'm having so much fun seeing all the wonderful creations, and I'm getting inspired!

Rebecca Anderson

Love all three designs, but the earrings are my faves! Your ceramic pieces work so well in their rustic setting. Thank you for organising this blog hop!

Sarajo Wentling

Super cute pieces, Diana! I especially love those earrings... are they done with one piece of linen? or did you use a separate piece for the top and bottom portions? (I'm still new to using waxed linen so I'm always trying to figure out how things work!)

I also really like where you are going with the bright and fun!

Thanks again for hosting!!

Melissa Trudinger

The bicycle necklace is so sweet! Thanks for hosting such a fun bloghop!!!

Susan Kennedy

I love all your pieces, but I really really love those earrings, can't wait to see the necklace that goes with it! I really like how you wrapped the earrings too! Thanks for hosting, this was fun, got to show off how to use my chicklet beads!

Becky Pancake

Hi Diana, Thanx for hosting this hop. I enjoyed it a lot. All three of your pieces are wonderful. I like the simple blue and white in the bracelet. The earthy tones in the earrings could be worn with many different colors. I could see them with a minty green tee shirt. The last necklace just shouts summer. It is so colorful and fun. I am sure you will finish it well.


LOVE those rustic earrings! Thanks for hosting the hop.

Lesley Watt

Great makes Diana - just loving those earthy earrings...they rock! Thanks for organising this for us.

Erin Siegel

Hello, friend. Thank you so much for organizing this hop for us! It is really invaluable to have someone like you to get everyone together. You are so on top of it all and you are an excellent leader and organizer, that's the truth! As for your pieces, OMG, I really, really love those earrings! Those are super fantastic!

Janet Bocciardi

Love the last necklace you're working on, but I'm sucker for color. I really like the way the thread is adding texture to the earrings. I'd wear those every day.

Thank you so much for hosting.


Thanks so much for hosting, Diana! I love the bracelet you made. So cute!

Shai Williams

Thank you so much for hosting this hop Diana. I have had so much fun. I adore those earrings. They look like they would have some great movement and be fun to wear.

Michelle McCarthy

Your designs are great, Diana! I especially love the earrings. Thanks for hosting the swap!

Karla Morgan

Diana, Thanks for hosting this fun blog hop! It was a walk down memory lane for me :) & has inspired me to use waxed linen again.

I love, love, love the earrings you made!!!

Johana Nunez

Love the first bracelet with the blue and white beads :) Really fun!! And thank you so much for hosting this blog hop! :)

Linda Landig

Thanks for hosting this blog hop, Diana. Its so much fun! The necklace is perfect for you, with all the riding you do.


I just LOVE those earrings...want, want!!! The necklace is adorable and fun with all the bright colors. I can't seem to figure out how those white beads are sitting kind of next to each other instead of in a row in your blue and white bracelet...what's the trick there?

Thanks so much for hosting a fun blog hop...I just love Irish Waxed Linen and any excuse to use it is good for me!


Thanks for letting me play along. Your fun necklace is so fun. Great fun to wear. And I love the earrings. I'll have to try some like that. Fun hop.


Hi Diana,
Beautiful pieces all so fun and summery. I love the earrings.

Sharon Siqueiros

Thank you and all the participants for sharing this hop with us!! many wonderful pieces


Hi Diana,
Nice pieces, fun colors and designs. The earrings are my favorite. I like the style, and colors most. besides, I now will try to use some of my disc beads that have been sitting around.


Love all your pieces, this last necklace is going to be some happy, gorgeous necklace! The rustic earrings are absolutely fabulous too!

Kelly Hosford Patterson

Thanks for challenging me to try something new. Love your earrings. Those are adorable. I can picture that maxi dress. They'll look perfect with it.


I have questions:
1) Two tone lace dress? I gots to see that! Pls!
2) What is uncirculated bead?

And I have comments:
1)LOVE how you have arranged the beads in the bracelet. How you do dat?
2) LOVE how you designed the earrings. Not too many knots and super elegant
3) LOVE that you can see the luscious cord in the necklace.

Ok bye.

Toltec Jewels

Beautiful jewelry and wonderful blog hop! Muchas gracias, Diana. I love your earrings -- absolutely brilliant. I'm learning so much from just studying your work! Splendid.
Happy Hopping! ♥ TJ

Inge von Roos

Thank you for hosting this fun hop. I like all of the pieces you made. My favorite is the earrings. I love the stoneware coins.


I am so over the top thrilled that you hosted this hop and introduced me to waxed linen! I really loved playing with it and incorporating seeds as always! I can not thank you enough!!!

Sherri Stokey

What a fun hop, Diana!!

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