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April 30, 2015


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niky sayers

What a really beautiful design, I love the colours you have chosen and all those lovely beads! Stunning!


What a wonderful necklace, both delicate and bold. I love to see so many art beads!

Lee Koopman

This is a great necklace! Could go with lots of summer outfits....well, lots of mine, LOL


The more art beads the better :) They all look beautiful together and make a stunning design!

Ann Schroeder

I love the grey heart with the turquoise! I also love your choice of beads - I was doing my little "I think that is by so-and-so". I'm glad you gave a list! Really great necklace!

Arleen Gloria

I wonder if you could design a bead that is Frida Kahlo inspired. I bel they would sell easily in Ca and in the Southwest. She's quite inspirational to women out here. What ive seen are mainly images of her. I was thinking of a raw looking, earthy image. Just an Idea

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