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August 30, 2015


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Jennifer Cameron

Nice! Love it. Definitely perfect for sweaters. I liked the first version too.

Lesley Watt

Your finished piece is lovely Diana...and not too much wailing and gnashing of teeth to get there... :0) thanks for giving us these lovely pieces to work with.


I would wear this all the time, it's gorgeous!!! Thanks so much for a fun component, it's been great fun :)


Great piece. I can see it being worn with a sweater. I love how the colors and different types of beads really play together nicely.

Cindy Martin-Shaw

First, thank you so much for the gift of your lovely pendant. What beautiful work you do! Now, for your necklace . . . I was in love with the first version of your necklace, but the final design is brilliant. Just shows how inspiring collaboration can be. Can I borrow Lesley? :) I love the unique use of your pendant here and the balance with Staci's ammonite. Perfect bead choices in these strands. What fun this will be to wear . . . often!!! By the way, your etsy indicates you are in Rockaway, NJ. That's so cool because I am in Rockaway Beach, OR.


What a lovely necklace, your coin pendent and Staci's Polymer ammonite go so beautifully together! I absolutely LOVE your coin pendents they really are some thing special!


So good. So good. Love this configuration with the coin and spiral up higher. Its different, its interesting. It suits the longer length well. Yummy strand, BTW.

Jenny Kyrlach

Beautiful! Absolutely lovely! I really like how you used the donut, not as a focal, but as a side accent. I also really like your balance of color. Beautiful work! And thanks so much for letting me play along with this reveal! :D

Sarajo Wentling

Love it! How convenient that Bead Fest fell for you to shop for your design.


That is just awesome!!!!!!!

Linda Landig

This is such a pretty necklace Diana. The colors will go with nearly everything and its so distinctive that I bet you'll get lots of compliments!

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