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April 30, 2016


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Lesley Watt

This is lovely Diana and I agree about the magical touch...potions being mixed and spells being cast. Love the palette too.


That's gorgeous Diana, the shape looks like a mystical symbol... there's definitely a magical feel to your design.

Ann Schroeder

This does seem magical. It's like you are mixing up a magic potion in your beautiful amulet. The colors you've used highlight the amulet perfectly.

Lindsay S

Love it Diana! The colors are so fun and the shape reminds me of a hot air balloon...maybe your next steampunk costume needs to be a aeronaut? With this color palette? I can see it in my head already...

Susan Kennedy

I love how it turned out, too, and love your wire idea! The ribbon adds the perfect touch!

Alison Herrington

I love the colors of your amulet vessel! You did a fantastic job bringing those colors to life with the beads and ribbon you chose. My favorite part of your design is the wire hanger you made. The whole necklace feels like an upside down horseshoe is pouring all its bad luck into your vessel to keep you safe!! Great Job, Love it!

Jess Green the little stars on this amulet! That silk is such a perfect match too, and the proportions of the wire hanger are just right, lovely :)

Marsha Neal Studio

I love the color ways you worked with! The piece all together has such great movement - even staying totally still... :)

Jen Cameron

Gorgeous! And perhaps inspired a bit by going on a certain cruise this week? I love it

niky sayers

I love that everyone agrees this has a wonderful magical feel to it, it is superb! Your wire work is fantastic I adore how you have decided to hang it from the wire and the colours of the beads and ribbon are just perfect!!!

Lori Finney

LOVE the colour work in this...absolutely stunning!


Yes your design is magical that is for sure!


The proportions are perfect! Just the right space between nugget and amulet. I love the side links. And the arched shape is graceful! Thank you! You rock.

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