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October 30, 2016


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Lindsay S

I hope these pieces turn into accessories for a new fun steampunk cosplay! I can see it now!!!

Laney Mead

Cool brooch!! Love the necklace :)

Cathy s. Mendola

It's perfect! I love the length and the color of beads and flower dangles. It all works so well together.


Oh I like the two tiers! That came out really nice - fun, wearable... he looks so startled and wide eyed!


...I have soooo.... sooooo.... sooooo... much "stuff" available but whenever I need something I get the impression I don't have a stash at all (which is actually so far away from the truth as it could be!).

...but chain in different sizes is actually also quite low... mh....

The colours are perfect for the skull with the perfect movement added by the flower dangles, lovely! :)

Linda Landig

Love Jen's focal and the design you created fr it. This would be so fun to wear.

Lori Dorrington

Love it!
Lori in Blue Ridge, GA

Caroline Dewison

Love the necklace, those little dangles are too cute! Love the felting too!

Lesley Watt

That is so pretty and so wearable... love the dangles especially.

Karin G

That's a great necklace, I love such length you can wear in different ways. Your felted brooch is fabulous.

Jen Cameron

It turned out perfect! And I'm so glad it came together exactly how you envisioned. LOVE IT when that happens! Thanks for participating!

staci smith

I like how the chain looks like a rosary or something similar. goes well with the theme I think!


A masterpiece!


What an amazingly beautiful necklace I love the colours you chose and the flower dangles are perfect!

Susan Kennedy

I was in Texas for two weeks, so I finally get to leave comments. I love it, I love the colors of beads you chose to go with the focal!

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