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May 30, 2017


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Lesley Watt

Love It design Diana - like the results of a day of beachcombing! Thanks for taking part.

Cathy S. Mendola

Oh Wow! I love how you created this. Using the wood bar and the waxed linen was a great choice. Just love this piece!

Laney Mead

Love that wooden piece, it adds a really unique twist to the design :D

Susan Kennedy

Diana, I agree with the above, cool choice of a bead and what Lesley said!


Beautiful design Diana... I love the look of the knotted waxed linen!


The wooden bar bead is a great horizontal to balance out the vertical shell. organic partnership and just plain nice design!

Sarajo Wentling

That wood piece really is a nice touch! Don't you just love it when an idea just appears to you like that? Lovely necklace!

Lindsay S

I love how each part of the design has segments of its own to correspond with the pendant, and how the browns really let the more pastel component shine!

Karen Totten

Nicely done! Very interesting combination of materials and elements.


Stunning! I love how you have used the wood bar and all the colours are just perfect plus those little blue knots are a wonderful touch that just takes the design to the next level!

Jess Green

Love the wooden bead, it creates a really interesting profile to the pendant - almost goddess like :)

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