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June 29, 2017


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Karen Totten

I adore your little monsters and these bumbles. I have the orange-red one and love it to pieces. Keep making more!

Cathy S. Mendola

These little guys are so cute! I have to try and snag one next time you have a sale. Thanks for hosting the insect challenge. It was a lot of fun!!

Sarajo Wentling

I hope you make more bumble monsters! They are my favorites so far but I wasn't quick enough to snag one last time. I love their little surprised faces and how they're holding their round little tummies! Buzz, buzz, buzz!

Susan Kennedy

Love your little critters, that MOP is a perfect touch! Thanks for hosting!


I love your little monsters and these bees are adorable! Thanks for a fun challenge!


I have to say, that every time I see your little monsters, they make me smile! They are just adorable with their antennae and little wings and stunned expression! :)

Mona Arnott

Very cute little monsters. I love your interpretation of the bumble bee. Even my daughter who is deathly afraid of bees would like these guys

Lindsay S

I hope you do more interpretations of bugs - I can't wait to see your caterpillar doodleboppers...Love your bumble buddies!


Cutey patootey. That is all.

Good theme Diana this was great fun!


Thanks for hosting an interesting challenge Diana

Niky Sayers

Diana these are just adorable and the pearl ouster on the wings is such a beautiful touch!

Lesley Watt

Too cute...keep looking for some bumble monsters in my garden.

Laney Mead

heheheh love them :D

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